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FICS 10th Anniversary All Events Champonship Tournament
This tourney will consist of 7 chess variants: Standard, Blitz, Lightning, Crazyhouse, Atomic, Losers, and Wild Fischer Random.

The Details
  • The All Events Championship Tournament will start in February 2005 and will consist of 4 stages:
    1. The variants qualifying rounds;
    2. The variants semi-finals;
    3. The variants finals;
    4. The All Events Championship Final.
    A player may compete in any of the 7 variants and in as many qualifiers as he wishes. To advance to all the variant semi-final round, the player must place 1st or 2nd in any of the qualifiers. In the event that both top players have previously qualified, the next player in line will advance.
  • For each variant four rounds of semi-finals will be held. Players placed 1st to 5th in each semi-final advance to the variant final. Qualified players can take part in as many semi-final rounds as they wish.
  • Variant Finals will be played Saturday March 5th, winners to be crowned FICS 10-year Anniversary <variant> Champion and receive a merchandise prize from our tournament sponsors at Wholesale Chess.
  • The variant finals will be scored on a point basis and the top two scorers will play each other on Sunday March 6th. The winner of each final will be awarded 7 points, the second placed 5 points, the third 4 points, the fourth 3 points, the fifth 2 points and finally the sixth placed will be awarded 1 point. All ties will be resolved with tiebreaking games.
  • The Final match will consist of four Lightning games, one Standard game and two games of each of the remaining five variants. Each variant has a total of 1 point to be distributed among the players so the winner of the standard game receives 1 point, while the winner of a lightning game receives 0.25 and the winner of any other game receives 0.5. The one with the highest total will win the match and will be crowned FICS 10-Year Anniversary All Events Champion.
  • There will be no allowance for latejoin, therefore players wishing to participate in the qualifiers or any of the successive rounds must be present five minutes before the start of the games (see schedule below).
  • All players tieing for first or second place in a qualifier will be admitted to the semi-final stage.
  • The Bucholz System will be used to break ties in the variant semi-final and final stages.
  • Each variant round will be played using the Swiss pairing system. The number of games will depend on the number of participants and will be no less than 3.

The Prizes
The winner of the All Events Championship Tournament will receive $150.00 the runner-up will receive $50.00. Each of the variant champions will receive a merchandise prize from our tournament sponsor, Wholesale Chess.

The Schedule
Rules and Policies
All FICS rules and policies will apply during the All Events Championship Tournament. In particular any form of computer assistance is strictly forbidden, and all games will be examined by FICS computer-abuse team. Any player found using computer assistance, or breaching FICS rules, will be disqualified from the tournament and will be not eligible for any of the prizes.
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