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The FICS Chess Academy provides a medium for the interaction between strong and weaker chess players on the Free Internet Chess Server. Stronger players, designated by the symbol (CA), donate their time to help their weaker counterparts in order to share the spirit of Caissa. The most common event is semi-formal analysis of games or positions, yet there will also be lectures, master challenge sessions, guided group analysis of GM games, and more. In accordance with the principles by which FICS was founded, all Academy advisors volunteer their time and expertise. Instructors are users who are master or candidate master (expert) strength players and are enthusiastic about helping others.

FICS Academy events

Academy events will usually take place during scheduled times.  The following activities may occur:

* small group analysis of games or positions
* lectures (openings, strategies, endgames, complete games, etc)
* guided analysis of GM games being broadcast by relay
* CA challenge sessions (play 5 0 unrated vs a CA)
* other one-on-one or small group chess instruction
* simultaneous games exhibitions

While the advisors are free to choose their own subject and format, they will try to address the needs and interests of the weaker chess players on FICS. The advisors are expected to provide their own analysis of the positions that they are confronted with, and should only use computer software as a supplement when needed.

Although there will be primary times designated for chess instruction, you may also find advisors who will cheerfully help you at other hours.

Some titled players are also available for private instruction on FICS, over the phone, by email, or in person. The titled players may charge money for this service. To see a list of people willing to teach you, please read 'help lessons'.

How to participate?

To receive instruction or otherwise participate in the Academy, you should follow these steps:

<1> Add one or more of the following channels
Channel 65 "Events"
Channel 66 "Examine"
Channel 67 "Lectures"

<2> Prepare your questions and interesting games before the Academy Hour starts (see below).

<3> Use tells to channel 65 during the Academy Hours ('tell 65 I don't understand the Lucena position'). Chess advisors will have (CA) after their handles.

Preparing games or positions

If you have a game which you played that you have questions about, you should save it in your journal before an Academy Event. For FICS games, simply use the jsave command ('help jsave'). To store a game which you played somewhere other than FICS, you need to enter the moves in the examine mode ('help examine') before saving it with jsave. Now you and an advisor can examine this stored game.

To store a position which you find interesting or have questions about, set up the board with the BSETUP and COMMIT commands ('help bsetup'), then save it to your journal with jsave. Now you and an advisor can analyze the stored position.

Chess Advisor Challenge Sessions

Every few weeks, at least one member of our crack team of Chess Advisors will be available to play blitz with anyone registered user rated below 1800. The time control will be old-fashioned blitz: 5 0. If you are under 1800 FICS blitz, you may participate by following the CA ('follow <CA_Name>') and then matching her or him to 5 0 unrated when a game finishes. The CA will play one game versus the first person to match him/her. All FICS users are encouraged to watch and cheer on with kibitzes.

Chess advisors

Channel 63 is restricted to chess advisors (CA) and admins. There are two kinds of advisors: titled players and other master or candidate master (expert) strength players. As a rule of thumb, all chess advisors have a minimum rating of 2000 FIDE or USCF (or equivalent).

If you are interested in becoming a chess advisor, please read 'help chess_advisor'.

See also: admin bsetup channel chess_advisor examine follow journal jsave lessons match motd ratings

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