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  This chess server is coordinated by several administrators ("admins") who
ensure that the server is working properly and deal with problem situations
and cases of abuse (see etiquette and abuser).  Certain commands that
regulate the server can only be used by admins.  Due to their role on the
server, it is quite natural that admins are selected based on various
criteria. Admins are unpaid volunteers who are enthusiastic about chess and
Internet chess.

  Admins are chosen based on some simple but important criteria:

* a willingness to volunteer much time and energy toward the server;

* a willingness and ability to work as a member of the team of admins;
experience working on team projects in other settings is desirable;

* behaving as a model user on the server;

* maturity in handling disputes, conflicts and disagreements without taking
situations personally or attacking others personally;

* at least 18 years of age (some near exceptions will be made);

* a good working knowledge of chess;

* chess tournament experience; experience helping with tournaments or chess
organizations at the club or national level is desirable;

* knowledge of computers, programming languages and operating systems;

* a good working knowledge of the server and at least one popular interface;

* the ability to help new players with setting up interfaces and getting
started toward their first game;

* the need for certain types (roles) of admins;

* the need for admins from particular timezones to ensure 24 hour coverage;

  Not everyone who fits this set of criteria is selected as an admin.  Nor
is it necessary that you fit *all* of the criteria.  We take into
consideration such factors as when you would typically be able to logon to
the server, what languages you know, the particular needs of the server
when the selection is made and what services you can provide in meeting
those needs.

  If you would like to apply to be an admin. please respond to the
following items by email.  Send your email application to with the SUBJECT header of "FICS Admin

  NOTE: FICS does not add new admins all the time; when FICS is open to
considering general applications, a news item will be posted (see "help news").
However, sometimes a need will occur and the slot may be filled as
appropriate, so it isn't wise to wait to submit the application, but it may
not be followed up until the need arises. We are often quite likely to fill
these needs with a candidate we know is suitable, rather than wait for more
applications. Involvement in the server or working as a CA, SR or TM is a good
way for us to evaluate you over a period of time.

  HINT: Do not bug the admins with messages like 'Please make me an admin,
        I'll be really good' as they get annoying and don't sound professional.
        Please fill in the application as requested.


Application for FICS Admin

(1) Personal Information:
    FICS handle
    full real name
    languages you can read/write
    city, state/province, country
    typical login times (server time) and amount of time you can spend without
      affecting yourself, your family and your study/job. (NB. Being too
      enthusiastic and then burning yourself out is just not worth it for
      both us and you.)

(2) Please tell us a little about yourself in real life.  If you are
student, what year are you, what school do you attend, and what are your
academic emphases or majors?  If you hold a job, what do you do and for
which organization?

(3) Please describe your experiences working as a member of a project team
or committee?

(4) Please describe a conflict you experienced on the server, or in real
life, and how you handled it.

(5) Please describe what experience you have with computer systems,
computer programming, computer software and internet procedures.

(6) Which interfaces for FICS have you used?

(7) Please describe ways in which you are currently assisting to make FICS
a better chess server.

(8) Please outline your involvement with and interest in chess, including
memberships and established ratings in chess organizations.

(9) Please describe what experience you have in playing in or directing
over-the-board (in person) chess tournaments in real life.

(10) Please describe the major characteristics of the ideal chess server.
Why these qualities in particular?

(11) How do you feel about the server policies outlined in "help etiquette"
and "help abuse"?  Are there certain policies that you would not want to
enforce?  If so, why?  (Note: Having concerns about policies will not in
and of itself mean you can't be an admin; we are more concerned in your
reasons and how you express them.)

(12) Given your answers to questions 2-11, how do you feel you can best
contribute to FICS? (Eg. user service, PR, publicity, tournaments, chess
advising, event organising, assisting relaying games, adjudications,
documentation and help files, programming, interfaces, etc). Note that several
of these are possible to do without admin status, but an admin is more senior
and may be involved in organising, leading and shaping the non-admin member's
roles and work. Ideally, we like to have admins with at least one role which
they can get on with. This means that it is possible for individuals and groups
to work without awaiting specific tasks.

 Some of these jobs may have little need for new admins to be working on them
so this is not a definite choice of role, just an indication of where you
think your strengths are. Be honest, don't just pick an area where you
perceive there is demand.

 Please do consider any conflicts of interest that may arise, and notify us
if there are or you are unsure. For example a professional programmer working
on FICS may be considered causing a conflict of interest by his or her company
if this is related work or likely to involve use of proprietry techniques,
algorithms, software, etc. A professional web page designer giving free
consultancy may also be considered a conflict of interest. Being admin on
another server (paid or unpaid) is a third example of a possible conflict of
interest. A conflict of interest may not prevent you from working in an
area totally, but we need to know before a role is assigned.

 Any work you do for FICS will be considered the property of the FICS board
unless arrangements have been made otherwise.

(13) Please feel free to add any other information or comments that would
assist us in evaluating your application.

Other notes:

 * Please be honest in all of your answers. Providing false information may
   result in an automatic termination of your adminship.

 * Admins are expected to be professional, mature, honest and trustworthy.

 * Admins must provide a regular service of an average of at least a few hours
   per week in their role. Time spent playing or chatting does not count.

   Inactive admins may be removed or asked to suspend their adminship until
   more favorable times.


[Last revised: May 11 1999 -- DAV]

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