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Information about server administrators (admins)

  This chess server is coordinated by several administrators ("admins") who
ensure that the server is working properly and deal with problem situations
and cases of abuse (see etiquette and abuser).  Certain commands that regulate
the server can only be used by admins.

  The group of admins is small in order to keep things fair and uniform. 
For the moment, the server has a sufficient number of admins for its needs, so
new admins are not being added (see adm_new).

  If you have a question, problem situation or concern as a user of this
server, feel free to contact an admin.  For the most part, they are designated
by (*) on "who" lists.  They are also on channel 0 (the admin channel).  Type
"in 0" to see which admins are logged on.  To see a current list of all
admins, type "=admin".  The "admins" help file indicates the role each admin
plays on the server.

  Admins tend to listen to channel 1.  To contact several admins at once, you
can "tell" to channel 1.  You can also "message" an admin, especially if you
need to relay detailed information.  Special accounts have been set aside for
feedback from users; these are listed in the "admins" help file.

See Also:  abuser  adm_new  admins  channel  etiquette  inchannel 
intro_welcome  message  tell  who

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