FICS - Free Internet Chess Server
8708 31ST Ave N
New Hope
Mn 55427

  Admins on this server have various functions.  Some are here solely for
programming reasons; when they are logged on, they are often busy and working
with the server code.  Other admins are here for general assistance to users.
There are also special accounts that make it easy for users to give the admins
feedback, suggestions and special requests.  Here is a breakdown....

Programming admins [server code]:
  DAV  foxbat  Hawk  Sparky  SuperIntellect

General admins [server help]:
  afw  ARCEE  Chessty  cyee  death  Diesen  DrDeath  equilibre frengo  GBate  jperry
  justjanie  Kokesh  MAd  mlong  pgv  pminear  Reggie  river  robbo  spurted
  TheDane  ThoBjo  toddmf  vek  volcano

Special admin accounts for user contacts and information:
  abuse  Academy  Adjudicate  Bug  ComputerAbuse  Computers  Event
  Feedback  filter  Helpfiles  IChecker  Invitation  Mamer  NoSpam
  Regrequests  ROBOadmin  Suggestion  SuperMamer  TownMeetings  Webmaster

The following people are no longer admins, but deserve a share of the credit:
  Binford  bozky  carlsbad  Clovis  connex  cranium  Cthulhu  cyclist
  Darlanio  EdCollins female  fpawn  Friar  grimm  gpace hersco
  innocentone  jross  Kossy  Len  loon  mann  Marsalis  McKeork  mlong
  Oxymoron  Ramius  Rattlesnake  Shane  schert  sms  Solid  sveshi  Thanatos
  TheOnlyOne  TheViking


Note:  Admins have been chosen based on some simple but important criteria.
       Programmer admins obviously are chosen for ability and willingness
       to volunteer much time and energy toward the FICS project.  In
       general, however, a good working knowledge of the game itself along
       with some practical tournamant experience is quite valuable.  Even
       more valuable is Tournamant directorship experience either on the club
       or national level.  Also of great value is a knowledge of different
       computers and operating systems and the ability to help new players
       with setting up interfaces and getting started toward their first
       game.  :-)


SPECIAL NOTE:  If you need to verify that a user is an admin on the server,
(a) check whether the user is in channel 0, the admin channel; (b) 'finger'
the user, and see if there is a special administrator status line; (c) ask
the user to display the special admin designation -- *; (d) check the admin
list by typing "=admin".

See Also:  adjudication  adm_app  adm_info  adm_new  finger

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