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There are three special variables you can use to be notified when a user
becomes available (and unavailable) for a match.


availinfo: If availinfo is set to 1, you will be notified when players become
           available for matches.
availmax:  Set availmax to an upper limit for blitz ratings of players for
           notification. If availmax is 0, you will receive notifications for
           all rating ranges.
availmin:  Set availmin to a lower limit for blitz ratings of players for
           notification; if availmin > 0, you will not be notified of the
           availability of unregistered users or registered users with no
           blitz rating yet

Use the "set" command to change these variables. For example, "set availinfo
1" will start the notifications and "set availmin 1" will set '1' as the
lowest blitz rating you want to be notified about. It is recommended that you
set availmax before setting availmin since availmin cannot be greater than
availmax at any time.


In order to receive notification all of the following must be met:

 1. You have open set to 1

 2. You are not involved in or examining a game

 3. The other user must be registered

 4. The registered user has open set to 1

 5. The user's rating is between your availmin and availmax settings


Provided the requirements are met, you will receive notification on any of
the following events.

 o A user logs on

 o A user logs off

 o A user begins a chess match

 o A user ends a chess match


When a user becomes available, the notification will look like:

     user_handle Blitz (#), Std (#), Wild (#), Light(#), Bug (#)
     is now available for matches.

When a user becomes unavailable, the notification will read:

     user_handle is no longer available for matches.


 o Typing "who a" or "players" will display the users who are available for
   matches. You need not be open in order to use these commands.

 o You will receive notifications about users on your censor or noplay lists
   even though they cannot, respectively, "tell" or "match" you.

 o Other kinds of notification exist. Read help gnotify, help notify, and
   help variables.


blitz       censor      gnotify     match       noplay      notify      
open        ratings     set         v_availinfo v_availmax  v_availmin  
variables   who         


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Last Modified: 27 February 2008 mhill

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