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Usage: boards [category]

If category is given then this lists all available boards for that category.
If the parameter is omitted, then this lists all available categories.


The current board categories are:

 o chessercizes

 o material-odds [or just "odds" for short]

 o misc

 o openings

 o standard

 o test

 o wild

In order to find out what is loaded for one of these categories, type "boards
<category>". For example, "boards openings" will list the various openings
you can start a game from. For more informaion on material-odds games, see
"help odds".


 o In order to start a game from one of these positions, you need to use all
   of the arguments in the match command and also include the board category
   and the specific board you want. For example:

   match red 2 12 0 0 openings ruy-lopez
        would request a blitz match with user "red" starting with the
        "ruy-lopez" opening position.

 o You can examine a game from one of these starting positions using either
   the "match" or the "examine".

   match your_handle openings ruy-lopez
   examine b openings ruy-lopez


examine match odds simmatch wild


Created: 30 September 1999 DAV
Last Modified: 27 February 2008 mhill

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