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how to report a bug

Well, first thing to remember is whoever gets your bug report cannot read
your mind. Bug reports like "it does not work" ... well, do not work.


 o Make sure it is a bug. Yes, many people will simply typo a command and
   report a bug. Read error messages. Again, read error messages. The problem
   could simply be solved right there.

 o Make sure you send it to the right person. It all depends on what the
   program is of course. If you are unsure how/who to report a bug to for a
   specific program, look in the documentation and/or ask around.


 o What program you were trying. Seems silly, but some forget.

 o What command/option you were trying. Be precise. Describe exactly what you
   were trying to do.

 o What were your expected results and why. Might seem silly again, but the
   programmer cannot always know what settings you have that might affect the
   outcome of a command.

 o What happened instead of what you expected. This is not "what did NOT
   happen" but really "what DID happen." Almost always you will get an error
   message and that's what you need to report.

 o Any other info you think might be important. The key is to provide all the
   needed info, even if you think it might not be needed, if it looks useful,
   send it.


If you want bugs to be fixed, help the programmer(s) fix them by following
these simple steps. It goes a long way toward getting the bug fixed... and
preventing the programmer(s) from being annoyed and starting to ignore you.


Created: 00 January 0000 unknown

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