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If you want to have a computer account, please send an email to with ALL of the following info (please use this as a


 o Full name:

 o FICS Handle:

 o Requested Handle: (must be available)

 o Engine name:

 o Programmer:

 o Hardware:

 o Software:

 o Variant supported:

 o Manual or Automatic operation:

 o Login times:

 o Estimated rating:

 o Main time control and variant:

 o Reason for having a computer account:


In order to be considered for a computer account you need to fulfill the
following requirements:

 o A history without abuse on FICS. Minor incidents does not disqualify

 o Knowledge about FICS commands and policies.

 o Member of FICS for at least 3 months.

 o A minimum of 10 days online.

Exceptions to the requirements mentioned above can be made under certain


Be sure to read help computers for the guidelines of a computer account. Be
advised that the decision taken by the computer committee is final and
without appeal.

Here is the basis upon which computer accounts are granted:

 o Priority is given to those who can play variants.

 o Priority is given to automatic computers (not need of an operator.)

 o Priority is given to those who have had an account here for some time.

 o Priority is given to those which are built from home grown code and
   operated by the programmer.

Of course, the main criteria in deciding on which computer accounts are
allowed is the current demand.




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