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Usage:  copygame [user_name|number|o]

  The 'copygame' command allows you to examine a game that is currently being
played or examined -- unless the game is marked "private."  All moves in that
game (or examine session) will be included -- if it is a game being played,
all moves that have been played will be copied; if it is an examine game, all
moves in the game, including those up till the end of the game and any side
variations, if any, will be copied (which means you can use the "revert"
command if you want).  If you are in examine mode when you use 'copygame', the
old examine position is replaced by the new one; this is especially useful if
what you want to do is update the position for a game you are watching

  There are four ways to use the 'copygame' command:

    copygame user_name  -- to examine the game being played (or examined by) a
                           user; example: copygame jross

    copygame number     -- to examine the game specified; example: copygame 5

    copygame o          -- to examine the game you are observing; if you are
                           observing more than one game, your 'primary' game
                           will be copied; example: copygame o

    copygame            -- to update the position of the game you had copied
                           previously, if that game is still being played or

See also:  examine  games  observe  primary  private  revert  v_private

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