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New Hope
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FICS offers its services to all internet users, regardless of gender, race,
nationality, political beliefs, political events, religion, age, sexual
preference, disabilities, ability.

FICS admins reserve the right to refuse service or revoke privileges to any
individual for any other reason they see fit.

Registration requires a suitable email address - see help register.


 o We (the FICS admins) are interested in promoting chess on the Internet,
   not in making money out of it. Nor of promoting profanity, or political
   debate, or religious preaching. Profanity will not be tolerated and nor
   will the preaching of discriminatory ethics. Harrassment of any form will
   not be tolerated.

 o Since (civil) discussion is an important part of human behaviour, FICS has
   provisions for debates concerning interested groups, under the form of
   channels. Please keep debates where they belong. Not everybody might be
   interested. This applies especially to political or religious discussions
   due to the heated debate they often cause between a few users. Also
   non-English communications should be restricted to their individual
   channels or private media. Discussion/advertising of illegal materials/
   sites or unlawful activities (covered by US law) eg. drugs, pirated
   materials 'warez', pornographic material 'porn' is prohibited, as is
   sexually explicit, or obscene discussions.

 o Membership in FICS is a privilege, not a fundamental right of all human
   beings. Therefore, if we (the FICS admins) perceive that you are abusing
   the aforesaid privilege, action may be taken to avoid further abuse. Such
   action will usually consist in a limitation of the offending user's FICS
   privileges. This may include the removal of aforesaid user's FICS
   membership. Any correspondence should be done via

 o Before discussing internet democracy please read both:


 o Further rules can be found in help shout_abuse and help abuse.

 o 'Free' in FICS refers to use of and registration on the FICS server not
   incurring a charge. This excludes the means necessary to reach the service
   which may include an internet provider fee and/or phone bill. Any bill
   that appears to be from FICS should be queried immediately with an admin.

 o FICS reserves the right to have additional services that may incurr a fee,
   above the normal level of service. Examples are arranged coaching (outside
   of the FICS academy) and prize tournaments.

 o Third party service providers and consumers do so at their own risk. FICS
   is not any way responsible for anything relating to such offers (whether
   the service was received as advertised, or not; whether payment for this
   service was received, or not) or any damages that may result.

 o FICS is not responsible for any losses or damages of any user using this
   service, irrespective of what the damage is and whose fault it is. FICS is
   not responsible for any damage or loss caused by third party applications
   (such as FICS interfaces) even if it is advertised on FICS. FICS is not
   responsible for any loss or leak of data. FICS is not responsible for the
   conduct of other users or individual admins. Any user problems should be
   reported to an admin; any admin problems should be reported to the head

 o Some users may find FICS / the Internet to be of an addictive nature. FICS
   (as mentioned above) is not responsible for any damages to users who
   cannot control their use of the server, nor for rectifying the situation.
   Users that are unable to control their use of FICS should first ask an
   admin to lock their account for a period of time. If this does not work
   the user is advised to seek professional counciling.

 o While FICS attempts to be open as much as possible 24/7 it is not possible
   to guarantee service at all times. It also may be necessary from time to
   time to limit places where connections can be made from.

 o FICS or any of it's staff or individuals representing FICS will be immune
   from any claim to compensate for loss, damages, sanction or defament. This
   also includes the cost and expenses needed to pursue any claim (such as
   legal fees).

 o This disclaimer may be modified at any time without notice. It is a set of
   guidelines not a legal document.

Any user found doing one of the below will be dealt with extremely harshly
which may involve correspondence with the machine or network's owner, user's
ISP, user's education establishment, user's workplace or a law enforcement
agency depending on the abuse that was committed; a long term ban is usually
the minimum punishment:

 o Hacking FICS, or the machine, or any of the services

 o Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks

 o Spamming FICS, or the machine, or any of the services, or the admins

 o Misuse of the ftp site

 o Attempting to guess, decrypt or hack passwords

 o Exploiting a bug to cause disruption or unauthorised use of (normally)
   admin only privileges

 o Creating many unauthorised duplicate accounts

 o Constantly bypassing sanctions set by the FICS admins

 o Harrassment or threats relating to any FICS personnel

 o Selling or advertising illegal (under US law) materials or services


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Created: 21 September 1999 DAV
Last Modified: 28 February 2008 mhill

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