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Usage: examine [<Player1> [<Player2> | <game_number>]]


examine b <Board> [<Category>]

Starts a game in examine mode where you can move the pieces for both sides,
take moves back, and analyze side variations.


Player1:     The name of the player you wish to examine.
Player2:     The name of Player1's opponent.
game_number: The number for the history or journal game.
Board:       A board type to start with, instead of the standard position.
Category:    Some board types require a category, such as 'wild 5' or 'odds


To quickly examine the last game you played, use "exl"


Depending on the situation, there are many different ways to use "examine".
No matter which you choose, the game will be started from its initial
position. You may use the shortcut "ex".


History Game      ex player1 ##       ## is either the number shown with the    
                                      "history" command, or can be a negative   
                                      number from -1 to -10. -1 would be the    
                                      last game played.                         
Your Last Game    exl                 Examines the last game you played.        
Your Stored Game  ex player2          Your adjourned game against player2.      
Any Stored Game   ex player1 player2  Player1's adjourned game against player2. 
Journal Game      ex player1 %##      Examine player1's journal game number ##. 
                                      Note, you must precede the number with a  
                                      '%'. You may also substitute a letter for 
                                      positions 1 through 26.                   


Standard  ex                   A standard board.                                
Variant   ex b variant         Any variant, such as suicide, or zhouse.         
Other     ex b board category  There are many boards available, such as odds,   
                               specific openings, uwild, and more. "help boards"
                               will show you all the posibilities.              


There are two more examine possibilites, but they are not covered by the
"examine" command.

 o Use "bsetup" to start with a blank board and place pieces wherever you

 o Use "copygame <player1>" to examine the game that player1 is currently


Once you are in examine mode, there are a host of commands to help you.

forward #:         Go forward # moves. If # isn't specified, go forward 1.
backward #:        Go backward # moves. If # isn't specified, go backward 1.
revert:            Go back to the main game line.
replay #:          Automatically play out the game. # is the number of
                   seconds to wait between moves. Use "replay" by itself to
                   halt the replay.
commit:            In scratch games, you need to "commit" your moves to
                   create a move list. Otherwise, the only move list command
                   that will work is "backward".
piece@ColumnRow:   Drop a piece onto the specified square. For bughouse and
mexamine playerA:  If 'playerA' is observing you, can make them an examiner
                   using "mexamine playerA".
wname Player_name: Change the name of the white player to 'Player_Name'.
                   Please see "help wname" for proper use.
bname Player_name: Change the name of the black player.
wclock hh:mm:ss:   Change white's clock to hh:mm:ss or just mm:ss. Only works
                   for scratch games.
bclock hh:mm:ss:   Change black's clock to hh:mm:ss or mm:ss. Scratch games
pause:             Pause a running clock during a scratch game.
unpause:           Resume a paused clock.
unexamine:         Stop examining the game.


examine pgv -2
     Examine pgv's next to last game.
examine pgv 22
     Examine pgv's history game number 22
examine pgv
     Examine your stored game against pgv
examine pgv MAd
     Examine pgv's stored game against MAd
examine pgv %15
     Examine pgv's journal game 15
examine b suicide
     Start a suicide game from scratch
examine b openings albin_cg
     Start a game in the albin counter-gambit


alias         allobservers  backward      bclock        bname         
boards        bsetup        bughouse      commit        copygame      
forward       games         history       journal       kibitz        
match         mexamine      observe       replay        stored        
suicide_chess unexamine     variables     wclock        whisper       
who           wname         


Created: 2 January 1998 Friar
Last Modified: 14 November 2005 mhill

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