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Usage: flip

The "flip" command is used to toggle the "flip" variable on and off. When the
flip variable change values it causes the board display to be reversed:
either from White at the bottom to Black at the bottom (flip = 1), or
viceversa (flip = 0).


 1. Changes in the flip variable are permanent untill you reset it.

 2. Changes of the flip variable do not affect the board orientation of a
    game you are currently observing. They will only be taken in
    consideration when you first observe a game.

 3. Changing the setting of flip can be useful when observing games or
    playing team game.

 4. The flip command is equivalent to the alternative syntax using the "set"
    command: set flip on/set flip off.


set v_flip variable


Created: 10 March 1996 Friar
Last Modified: 7 February 2004 MAd

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