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Your server account name is known as your "handle."  It is your identity on
the server. Some users prefer to have handles similar to their real names;
others do not. The choice is up to you. But whatever you decide to have as
your handle, please be aware that handles for registered users are permanent.
Admins do not change handles for registered users except in extreme cases
(very rare). So please select a handle that you will feel comfortable with
for a long time.

No two users can have the same handle, of course. To see which handles have
already been taken, use the "handles" command.

Admins reserve the right to deny your using a particular handle. If the
handle you want is offensive or might lead to too much confusion among users
(such as various reserved words or commands), you may be asked to change it.
Profane and crude handles are not permitted. Unregistered users who logon
with profane and/or crude handles may be disconnected from the server, even
without warning. Unregistered users who persist in adopting inappropriate
handles may be prevented from accessing the server.

Lastly, you are allowed to have only one, regular account registered on the
server. Duplicate accounts are not permitted, unless the additional accounts
are for special purposes, such as computer, team or blindfold accounts. If
you are uncertain whether your accounts are permitted, contact an admin as
soon as possible.


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Created: 11 March 1996 Friar
Last Modified: 28 February 2008 mhill

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