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Usage: mailmess [user_handle | n[-m]]

The "mailmess" command will send one, some, or all of your messages to your
e-mail address in your user profile. Your messages are not deleted from the
server when using the mailmess command.


no parameter If you do not add any parameter you will receive all your
             messages to your email address.
user_name    Using a user handle as parameter you will send all the message
             you have received from that particular user to your email
n            Using a number as parameter will send the message identified by
             that particular number to your email address.
n-m          Using two numbers separated by a "-" as parameter will send to
             your email address all your messages with identification number
             between "n" and "m", n and m included.


 1. It is possible to see what e-mail address is in your profile with the
    "finger" command.

 2. It may take a little time for your messages to arrive in your e-mail
    address's inbox, since the FICS server queues all mails and sends them
    every 5 minutes.

 3. You may have all of your messages automatically forwarded to your e-mail
    address as they arrive using the mailmess variable.


     will forward all your messages to your e-mail address.
mailmess 3
     will forward your message #3 to your e-mail address.
mailmess 2-7
     will forward your messages 2 through 7 to your e-mail address.
mailmess MAd
     will forward all your messages from MAd to your e-mail address.


clearmessages fmessage messges v_mailmess v_messreply


Created: 23 July 1997 Friar
Last Modified: 7 February 2004 MAd

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