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Usage: pfollow [user_name]

The "pfollow" command is used to automatically observe bughouse games.


no paramater You will automatically observe your partner bughouse games as
             soon as they start.
name         You will automatically observe the bughouse games of the partner
             of user 'name.'


 1. If the partner changes, pfollow will automatically follow the bughouse
    games of the new partner; you do not have to use a new pfollow command.

 2. Non-bughouse games will not be followed.

 3. To stop following games type pfollow with no parameters.

 4. When you are observing a game, you will receive an updated board position
    and game information each time a move is made. When a game you are
    observing ends, you will be given the result of the game.

 5. The "allobservers" command can be used to see who is observing games in


pfollow MAd
     By typing pfollow MAd you will be following MAd's partner games. The
     server will notify you this with the follwoing message:

            You will now be following MAd's partner's games.

     This allows you stopping following MAd's games. The server will notify
     you this with the following message:

            You will not follow any player's partner's games.


allobservers bughouse follow games observe pobserve unobserve


Created: 27 January 1998 Friar
Last Modified: 7 February 2004 MAd

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