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Usage: promote {q,r,b,[kn],ki}

  Designates the piece that a pawn will be promoted to when it reaches
the back rank.  This is set automatically to 'q' (for Queen) at the beginning
of EACH game.  The setting can be changed during the game at any point.

SPECIAL NOTE:  You must designate how a pawn will be promoted BEFORE it
reaches the back rank, not afterwards.  The current setting will be used when
the pawn reaches the 8th rank.

The designations you can use are:

  q  -- for Queen
  r  -- for Rook
  b  -- for Bishop
  n  -- for Knight
  k  -- for Knight
  ki -- for King [only in suicide chess]

Example: "promote k" would set the promote piece to a Knight

See Also:  suicide_chess

[Last modified: April 5, 1997 -- Friar]

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