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Usage:  sought [all]

  The "sought" command can be used in two ways: (a) typing "sought all" will
display all current ads including your own; (b) typing "sought" alone will
display only those current ads for which you are eligible based on any formula
you might have (default).  An example output is as follows:

    0 1900 Hawk        blitz      5  0 rated           1800-2000 f
    1 1700 Friar       wild7      2 12 unrated [white]    0-9999
    4 1500 loon        standard   5  0 unrated            0-9999 m

The various columns have this information:

    Ad index number
    Player's rating
    Player's handle
    Type of chess match
    Time at start
    Increment per move
    Color (if specified)
    Rating range
    Auto start/manual start and whether formula will be checked

See also:  formula  match  play  seek  unseek

[Last modified: February 5, 1998 -- Friar]

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