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  Some interfaces have timeseal built into them such as WinBoard versions
3.6.0 and higher for Windows 95 and Windows NT.  "Finger Mann" on FICS for
information about this interface and recent versions.  To use these programs,
make timeseal active before you logon to the chess server.

  Other windows users must get a version of timeseal working on the computer
that connects to the chess server.  For Windows-Winsock systems, the name and
version of this file keeps changing since it expires avery few months; "finger
dfong" to see which file is the current version.


  There are many ways to download a file from an ftp site.  If you are using a 
web browser (such as Netscape) or an ftp program (such as Fetch), logon to the ftp site the way you would for any normal ftp site.  The URL for 
the site is "".

  Once you have downloaded the timeseal file, place it in the same folder as
your interface.  Then unzip the file.

Now you are ready ... to go to the next step.  ;-)


There are two steps: INSTALL and USE:

   INSTALL:  Move the file tmseal.exe to the same directory as your client
   program.  Create a program manager icon for TMSEAL, using the normal
   methods.  (Select File|New from the program manager menu; click on New
   Program Item, then in the dialog set the Directory field to the same
   directory as above; set the command line to TMSEAL; you may check the Run
   Minimized checkbox if you wish.)

   USE:  Double-click on the TMSEAL icon before beginning your FICS session.
   Then, in your client program, connect to "localhost" instead of the usual
   "".  Soon the usual logon messages will appear.  Errors
   if any will show up in the TMSEAL window.


Questions?  Ask channel 1 or an admin.

See Also:  chan_1  ftp_hints  interface  lag  timeseal  timeseal_mac 

[Written by Hawk, August 15, 1995; last modified: April 6, 1998 -- Friar]

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