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Usage: wname [string]

  This command is used to modify the name of the White player in an examined
or setup game.  For example, an examine game from scratch would have your
handle as both the White and Black player.  You may want to rename the White
opponent so that the names are different.  Typing "wname" alone will reset the
White name to your own handle.

  In renaming the White player, please keep in mind the rules of etiquette. 
Also, don't use the handle of a real user without his/her permission.  Use
"bname" to change the Black player's name.


(a) You cannot use spaces (blanks) within the string.  For example, "Bobby
Fischer" would not be allowed.  You could, however, use "Bobby_Fischer".

See Also:  bname  bsetup  etiquette  examine  handle

[Last modified: March 1, 1996 -- Friar]

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