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Usage: wrating [rating]

The "wrating" command is used to modify the rating of the white player in a
setup game.


rating The rating of the white player in the setup game. It must be an
       integer number between 1 and 3500; if it is larger than 3500 it is
       automatically set to 3500.


It is possible to set the black player rating in a setup game with the
"brating" command.


wrating 2777
     Sets the rating of the white player in the setup game to 2777. The
     server will inform you of the change with a message like:

                Game 45: MAd sets white's rating to 2777.

wrating -1
     Setting the rating to a negative value will result in an error notified
     to you by a message like:

             Usage: wrating integer
             See 'help wrating' for a complete description.


Created: 7 February 2004 MAd

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